We present to you, a very cost effective way using direct mail to help grow your business.

We offer a couple of different options when it comes to postcard advertising. Solo mailings, meaning the postcard advertises solely your business. These mailings start at just 1,000 pieces. You get to select the mailing routes that you would like your postcards mailed to.

The second option is available in several select markets. It is a co-op postcard that contains ads of up to 15 different businesses.

CO-OP Postcard Information

GIANT POSTCARDS! These things are huge measuring in at 6.5″x9″”

Our jumbo-sized, double sided co-op ad/coupon sheet will advertise your business to the people you want to reach most by selecting certain postal routes. You do not need your own mailing list!

Several ad sizes are available – 2.75”2.7” is the most popular size. When the mailman delivers our Jumbo Postcard, he/she will literally wrap-up the rest of the mail into this thing. With such great visibility and direct to consumer advertising, the Jumbo Postcard is the best and most cost effective way to help grow your business at a minimal cost!

  • 100% visibility GUARANTEED
  • Standard direct mail costs over $1/piece
  • Targeted demographic
  • No long-term commitment or fine print
  • Big, bold, attractive ads and prints on the high quality glossy stock
  • In addition to your direct mail advertisement on the postcard, we also create a mobile landing web page for your business, this landing page will contain your business details, a click to call button, a link to your website, directions to your business and your coupon.

Here’s a statistic for you to mull over: On average, every $1 invested in Direct Mail by American businesses is worth $11.69 in business in return! And that study doesn’t even factor in the awesome visibility of our Postcard!

But once you’re sold on Direct Mail, one of the biggest questions we’re sure that you’ll ask is why you should choose to advertise with illimedia.com over other Direct Mail options like Valpak or Money Mailer.

Our jumbo postcard’s visibility dwarfs any envelope-based Direct Mail companies. Where do you think your ad will be more visible? On a big postcard that every single resident will notice immediately or stuck between sixteen different ads for bail bond companies in an envelope that gets thrown away without being opened?


Want to be included in the next co-op mailing or start a solo campaign? Contact Us Today!